IlovewineI’ve often asked myself why is wine such a popular drink and why do we love sipping it so much. I believe the time has come to reveal the true and real reasons why wine is such a popular drink and why everybody is drinking it.

1. Well, first of all, when you drink wine you can easily pass as a Frenchman, and we all know how classy, chic and smart Frenchmen are. If you can also pronounce omelette au fromage like they do it in France, you are a veritable wine master. Santé!

2. Wine is a beverage that speak about your social position in the society, especially if you drink it like an aristocrat in big crystal wine glasses. First, you need to stir the wine in the glass, smell it with your eyes closed and there you go: a true wine expert. How elegant!

3. Wine is popular because you don’t get that fat beer belly that you do from drinking beer or Coke. It doesn’t make you fat, in fact it makes you phat! A glass a day keep the doctor away, OK?

4. Wine is popular because it doesn’t knock you down after the first glass. This is why you always go for that second glass of delicious tasty chardonnay. And then if you go for a third or fourth, you are most likely to gain that unwanted popularity…So, drink wine as a gent would do and don’t abuse it or yourself!

5. Wine is amazing because it comes in such cool designed wine bottles that have attached pretty labels. I like, in fact I love wine bottles and their design. It’s like going to an art museum of tasty potions! That’s how cool they are!

6. Wine makes great present when you visit a friend or when it’s someone’s birthday. You can never fail by bringing a glass of fine wine and enjoying it with great company.

7. Cheese and wine? You’ve read my mind! Wine is popular because, as Frenchmen say, goes with foods that you’ve never imagined alcohol would. Cheese and beer? Naaa! Vodka and walnuts? WHAT? What about wine? That’s fine!

8. Wine is popular because it’s relatively cheap comparing to other beverages that don’t taste half as good. Everyone affords to buy wine (if you’re over 18 or 21) and you don’t need to buy a pack or a box, but a bottle. One tasty assortment will do!

9. We love wine because it’s white and red, pink and orange and it can be sweet or dry, yours or mine and there’s one for each and every personal taste and preference. You only need to find that right one for you. Just like in a marriage!

10. Last but not least, wine is so popular because it has been produced since immemorial times all around the world. The gods have tasted it, presidents as well, even Chuck Norris, well… behind the scenes. Is there any reason why wine isn’t the coolest drink in the world? We ask you!

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