Top 10 Red Wines for Women

2007 Via Collina Dolcetto d’Alba Langhe

This red wine is produced from the best red grapes grown in the northwestern region of Italy called Piemonte. It is perfect for women because it is perfumed. In addition, it is flavored with plum, mulberry and black cherry. Although it is unoaked dolcetto, it has dark good looks. Aside from these characteristics, this bottle satisfies the feminine sensibilities further on account of the fact that it is cheap. Then, it goes very well with food, particularly pasta and grilled meat.

Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfandel

Taking the cue from women’s partiality towards Zinfandel, I have selected a special and practical bottle, the Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfandel. I have tried both the 2005 and 2010 bottle under this label and they were equally good, not to mention affordable. There is rich and almost gourmand characteristic, contributed by the slight tinge of pepper, vanilla and spice. A truly exotic bottle, if you ask me.

Les Hauts de Lagarde Rouge

Women gravitate towards anything that has something to do with fitness and health. So this Bordeaux wine is here on account of that. It is made from organic Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The Hauts de Lagarde 2010 Rouge has warm black fruit flavors and is a very easy drink.

De Bortoli Gulf Station Pinot Noir

A Steve Webber creation, this hails from Australia. For those who do not know Mr. Webber, he is the chief winemaker and the manager of the De Bortoli Vineyard. This is a very impressive Pinot Noir perhaps made for women since it is an easy drink, made more attractive with its fruity and fragrant aroma.

Louis Max, Clos de la Perrier, Rouge

This impressive red wine is part of October selection. It is perfect for women because it is a great young wine, which means it is crisp and fresh. The Portuguese romanticized this association when they endorsed the good life and unadulterated hedonistic lifestyle by declaring “Putas e vino verde” or “whores and young wine”, a motto thought to be attached to the sentence beginning with “who does not love-“. Well, I could not have put it better.

2002 Château de Lussac, Lussac St Emilion

While not the best Bordeaux vintage, this red wine has unique characters that women might find alluring. The female instinct to tame the unruly should arise naturally with this bottle. It is a bit bold and has a particularly persistent spirit. Moreover, it is also no stranger to fun and   womanly pursuits such as chocolate and fruitcake, for example.

Le Fleurie de Vicky

The name should already give this bottle away. In French it is called Miss Vicky Wine although I am not sure if that is the exact translation. Though I have a suspicion that the name is probably related to flower in French. Nonetheless it is a very daring red wine, with all those subtle allusions to sex, mystery and womanly pleasure. Anyway I found it fresh, crisp and very forward. Such complexity, however, does not mean it is not very easy to drink, which it is.

2006 Crozes Hermitage, Petite Ruche

I need to include a bottle of Syrah in this list. Women tend to gravitate towards wine that are great with food and this wine excel beautifully with almost anything. With this variable in mind, I recommend the 2006 and 2010 Crozes Hermitage, Petite Ruche.

2006 Nos Riqueza, Ribera del Duero

If I have to think of an analogy, this Tempranillo is like a distilled Spain with a lot of passion going on. There is a subtle amalgamation of fruit and a bit of sourness infused from cherry and tannins. And do not forget that this is an award-winning bottle and women deserve no less.

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