What You Can Do With Cork


There is something slightly amazing about the persistence of the good old cork. See, despite years of winemaking industry, the trusty wood is still the much-preferred stopper for wine. Just consider: when you opened a bottle and discovered that instead of a textured cork, you found a plastic or rubber plugging entrenched in the bottle. Wouldn’t you be disillusioned about the prospect of perusing the liquor suffering such circumstance? The very idea leaves a foul taste in the mouth. We should be big fans of corks not only because it is part of an age-old tradition in wine packaging but, more importantly, it is a critical component in the overall character of the wine. One remembers that drinking wine is almost close to a spiritual experience and the opening contributes to a sense of wonderment, mystery and even romance. Prying the cork out with a pop, for instance, is an expected opening of the fun party.

It would probably interest you to know that the cork, or the wood it is made of, is also an invaluable material in a most unexpected list of implements. Here are just a few of these:

Train Body

Through sheer ingenuity, Warsaw’s metro system was able to incorporate cork as a component of the body of its trains. As a result, there is a significant reduction in its weight, dramatically improving efficiency in the process. Engineers reportedly managed to make each train 18 tons lighter. Ha. Bet you didn’t know that!


Rocket Insulator

The material was found to have excellent insulating capacity. Therefore, together with its lighter weight, the lowly cork was able to persuade NASA scientists that it is indeed a worthy addition to such high technological artifact. It appeared that the material’s function is to protect the rocket from fantastical heat as it is blasted from the face of the earth onto the atmosphere.


Home Use

The cork also has practical and daily use. At home, for instance, you might find it in the kitchen if you are the type who is particular with your utensils. There is that casing made of cork designed to shield kitchen surfaces from high temperatures such as a baking dish fresh out of the oven. There are cooks who also prefer cork as their floor material. The purchase that one’s shoes could get from it means that it is a safer alternative: no slipping and accidents. In addition, it is also excellent flooring for those inclined to be clumsy and prone to dropping breakable implements frequently. Talented Designers also took the challenge by creating ‘cork designed pieces’.


Fashion and Accessory

Some enterprising designers are able to fashion bags, caps and whatnots out of cork. The result is a material that almost resembles suede in texture, though understandably harder. No less than the renowned Yves Saint Laurent recognized the fashionable attraction of cork. It found use for it as a platform for some of its expensive footwear. For those in doubt about its durability, one need only be directed to the fact that cork is also used to manufacture shoes for racehorses and as material for balls used in baseball and cricket.






When it comes to public art, some artists can be naughty.

When it comes to street art and public art in general there’s nothing more interesting to see than stuff society labeled as naughty, nasty or taboo. Naughty public art is such an interesting thing for most people, easily comparable to the excitement of learning your first no-no words in a new language.

The fact that there is the word “art” somewhere at the end of “naughty public art” phrase, makes it perfectly legal, worthy of admiration and profound criticism even if we’re talking about the inflatable pile of feces designed by artist Paul McCarthy or the biggest pair of boobs South China’s ever seen next to a wall made of toilets mimicking a waterfall.

No matter their theme, context and artist, these naughty public art pieces have shock the world with their naughtiness and have even made some blush. We still believe that the naughty public art form needs a bit more exposure and visibility and this is the reason why we’ve scattered the web and found some of the naughtiest masterpieces.

1. Pile of Feces Inflatable Sculpture

Speaking of feces, perhaps the naughtiest, dirties and smelliest sculpture ever designed is the “poop” created and designed by non-conformist artist Paul McCarthy.




2 (1)

2. Dog Urinating on the Orange County Museum of Art

The most contemporary way to admire art is to design a giant Labrador Retriever urinating on a museum of art. Thank you, Richard Jackson!






3. Nation to Itself by David Černý

The naughtiest way to mock everything that society holds as valuable is to sculpt a gold statue of a man that at times sprays water from between the legs…in the center of Prague.




4. Klaus Weber‘s The Big Giving

Located in London, the street sculpture depicts a man tired of his life that pukes water out of his mouth. Nice!






5 (2)

5. Sheep Feeling Naughty

“Ainslie’s Sheep” by Les Kossatz is a weird sculpture depicting two sheep that apparently want to have some sort of public intercourse…





I live you with a bunch of unique, naughty and crazy public art creations to enjoy and interpret as you wish…

Have fun!


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Sexy giant leg

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